Peak Performance

Hyper Island,
Peak Performance

Interactive store experience,
Arduinos, Processing and techy stuff

2 Weeks


"Think an epic snowball-fight in a lasertag setting, meets high-fashion."

Peak Performance came to Hyper Island, with the brief to present their new anniversary line and the brands fusion between fashion and ski. 

The mission was to- with the help of creative technology attract and engage their new target group and to crate a buzz.


How can Peak Performance celebrate their anniversary collection in a social and engaging way?

Nature, fashion and futuristic combinations of art and technology

Our exploration left us with a clear inspired focus- snow. Most of our individual and group exploration focused on combining themes regarding nature, fashion and futuristic combinations of art and technology.



How it works

The challenge is simple; Peak performance shoppers will sign up to play an opponent in a snowball fight within the experimental display playscape. The first player to five points wins and is entered to win a ski trip to the SkiStar Resort (Peak partners) in Åre, Sweden.

2. Earn points by hitting your opponent

Players will earn points in a similar fashion to a typical laser tag scoring system, when a snowball hits the opponents modified Peak Performance jackets the other player will score a point and de-activate one of the opposing player nodes. 

3. Five hits and you’re out!

The opposing player’s jacket will shift colors and vibrate to indicate a qualifying hit. When all five nodes are de-activated, either by a direct node or jacket hit, the challenge is over.

We built a full-scale working prototype with the help of Arduinos, processing and a little bit of resourceful ghettoness. 


Nikhil Nair
Amadeus Malmen

Andew Van Hyfte
David Arvidson